The Mystical Features Of Blooming Cactus.

What are the omens and superstitions when your cactus is blooming? Cacti have won the love of flower growers with their original appearance, unique features, and unpretentious care. The interiors of many apartments and offices are decorated with hundreds of species of these plants: ribbed, oval, branching; prickly, smooth and fluffy; green, pink, purple. A large family of cactus is shrouded in numerous beliefs, the most popular of which are signs when a cactus has bloomed. Delicate flowers on harsh, thorny stems are an extraordinary sight, in addition, cacti bloom quite rarely, which makes people emphasize this event.

Chinese ideas about cactuses.

The Feng Shui teaching played a significant role in the mystical ideas about cactus. Chinese practitioners have developed an ambiguous attitude towards the unusual houseplant.

On the one hand, cactus plants are characterized by a tendency to accumulate, use water carefully, therefore, the flower is endowed with the ability to stimulate the growth of monetary wealth. Feng Shui philosophy knows many methods for successful business growth, and cactus is one of them.

On the other hand, the unapproachable, even aggressive appearance of the plant gave it a bad name: it is believed that it provokes quarrels and scandals in the family. Sharp objects, including thorns, symbolize the negative Sha energy. Therefore, for living premises, it is recommended to choose desert varieties that are characterized by small size or complete absence of prickles: ariocarpus, lophophora and others.

However, the eastern sages figured out how to use the lack of a plant for the good: if you put pots with "green hedgehogs" in a row on the windowsill, then their prickles will protect the house from external negative energy - accidental or even deliberately sent to you by an ill-wisher.

And in order to attract wealth, the cactus should be settled in the southeastern sector of the apartment.

Modern signs about blooming cactuses.

Cactuses always bloom according to a strict schedule drawn up by nature, so any deviation from the schedule attracts the attention of flower growers.

    When a cactus blooms at the wrong time, it portends important events and big changes in the life of its owner:
  • if the cactus lives in the house, one should expect a sudden enrichment: inheritance, gain, profitable acquisition;
  • office cactuses predict salary increases, promotions, and other improvements in working conditions.

For the growth of prosperity, it is advised to choose varieties that give one or more large, bright flowers.

A scattering of small inflorescences symbolizes home warmth and comfort, therefore, such varieties are recommended for girls who dream of a happy marriage.

By the way, if a cactus blooms several times in a row, this is a symbol that strong, passionate love reigns between the spouses.

    In general, for married women, a blooming cactus means only positive events:
  • the expectant mother, whose cactus has bloomed, may not be afraid of childbirth: it will pass easily, without complications;
  • if a cactus is going to bloom for the first time, then you can tell fortunes about the sex of the unborn child: dark buds promise a boy, and light buds promise a girl;
  • a blooming cactus means that the family has overcome a difficult period, and in the near future problems are no longer foreseen;
  • superstitions note that the Christmas cacti variety pleases with its flowers only those owners who know how to manage the household perfectly.

Not so long ago, there was a custom: newlyweds or spouses who could not have children for a long time were given a blooming cactus. If you read thematic forums, you can find many stories about how the desired pregnancy really coincided with the flowering of home cacti. Esotericists associate such coincidences with the mystical properties of the plant, and doctors explain this with the term "psychological sterility": faith in a good omen eliminates the fears and insecurity of the spouses.

Negative superstitions about a cactus in bloom.

Many amateur flower growers are not at all inclined to enjoy the flowers blooming on thorny cacti.

There is a sign that cactus flowers predetermine a spouse's addiction to alcohol. The more luxuriant and more often the plant blooms, the stronger the husband's dependence on alcohol will be.

Perhaps, for the rare flowering and the absence of the usual fruits, cacti are credited with oppression of sexual energy and people are not advised to keep them in the matrimonial bedroom.

Superstitions do not recommend single girls to plant these indoor flowers - according to Feng Shui, cacti radiate feminine energy, especially during the flowering period. This makes men feel uncomfortable and subconsciously find excuses to leave the house.

Speaking about the negative properties of cactus, it is worth mentioning the opinion that bioenergetics express on this matter: cacti like to feed on negative energy. They accumulate it for a long time, and during the flowering period they burst it into the surrounding space. Such theories are probably based on the principles of Feng Shui, which interpret objects based on their appearance. If you look at the flowers of a cactus, you will see that many of them really give the impression of some kind of exit paths with a bell at the end. With a developed imagination, it is easy to imagine that in this way the plant “transmits” the accumulated negative outside.

Therefore, if there is no peace and harmony in the house, it is better for the hostess to get rid of the prickle friends, or at least move them to a non-residential premises.

Other superstitions about cacti.

It is usually believed that omens come true only if they happen by chance; it is impossible to specially adjust significant events. With the flowering of cacti, the situation is the opposite - you can choose a certain variety in order to attract the energy of the desired changes.

    Depending on the color of the flowers, various properties are attributed to cactus:
  • yellow flowers symbolize the imminent replenishment of the family;
  • red cacti flowers are a sign of romantic meetings, pleasant acquaintance, mutual feelings;
  • large white flowers on a cactus promise a coming marriage.
    As for the influence on family members, superstitions attach great importance not only to the appearance of flowers, but also to the shape of the cacti stems:
  • high sorts help cope with grievances (they form a position of "I am above this" in the hostess);
  • spherical cactus "puffs" - normalize psychological and physical well-being, and, oddly enough, help pacify appetite, preventing overeating and excess weight;
  • column-shaped cacti soothe and stabilize the emotional background;
  • finger-like plants help get rid of foul language and "evil tongue". Because of this ability, finger-shaped cacti are sometimes presented to unrestrained relatives or bosses.

Cactus flower rituals.

If a cactus has bloomed, this is not only a sign, but also an opportunity to conduct a simple ritual to attract good luck and well-being.

You just need to take a picture with a blooming cactus.

If this is impossible for some reason, you must wait until the flower begins to fade, carefully separate it from the stem and dry it.

A dried cactus flower or a photo will become a kind of amulet that will drive away difficulties and failures from you: according to astrological concepts, a cactus is under the influence of Mars, it is a flower warrior and protector.

What does it mean if you had a dream that a cactus is blooming?

    Dream Interpretations unanimously interpret dreams about a blooming cactus only in a favorable way:
  • the cactus bloomed for the first time or released an unusually beautiful flower – is a symbol of personal happiness;
  • watering a blooming cactus in a dream – means good luck awaits you;
  • a beautiful inflorescence is hidden in long sharp prickles: you have all the necessary qualities to achieve well-being, but you need to reconsider your attitude towards yourself;
  • lots of blooming thorns in dreams – means you will receive an award that you could not even dream of.

Whether or not to have a “plant pet” with such a controversial reputation at home is a personal choice for everyone. Signs about why a cactus is blooming do not give an unambiguous answer, but it should be remembered that there are no "complete villains" in the world of plants. If you treat your thorny flower with love and care, surround it with attention, kind emotions, it will definitely reciprocate and show its best qualities.

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