Omens and superstitions about hibiscus

In some countries, girls decorate their hair with charming hibiscus flowers; in some latitudes, it is grown as a home plant, despite its rather large size. The Chinese rose expands a lot if you give it free rein, so it has to be pruned.

What are the main signs and beliefs about the Chinese rose (hibiscus)? When should hibiscus be kept in the bedroom? Why put a pot with a plant in front of a mirror? These and other beliefs associated with the Chinese rose can be found in this article.

A home hibiscus feels good in families where they are not afraid to express their feelings and emotions. It is in such houses that it blooms profusely, has a juicy color of leaves, and grows rapidly.

Hibiscus helps couples who have lived together for several years revive relationships, filling them with passion. It is enough to put the pot in the bedroom in a conspicuous place where the sun's rays do not fall.

If the Chinese rose suddenly begins to wither, this is a sign that you should take care of your health, as this omen promises the appearance of serious diseases.

When a plant does not bloom for a long time, and then suddenly releases an abundance of flowers, this portends the death of one of the family members.

In order to find her soul mate, a single woman should put a pot of hibiscus in the bedroom. But so that the relationship does not turn out to be short-lived, after the betrothed is found, the plant should be given to someone you know, but not kept in the house.

According to signs, flowering begins due to the forces accumulated by the Chinese rose, taken from the person who cares for it.

It is undesirable to keep a green pet in a family where a man is inclined to start relationships on the side; otherwise one day the spouse will leave the house.

It is believed that the plant takes root best in a house where active people live who are in constant motion.

Hibiscus has a beneficial effect on people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. It helps normalize blood pressure and protects against a heart attack.

Flowering at the wrong time (in winter) portends misfortune, according to signs. In this case, you need to prepare for large expenses, loss of funds.

If a home hibiscus tree suddenly began to shed its leaves, this is a sign that serious changes are coming in your personal life. Basically, these changes are not for the better.

When the hibiscus suddenly fades, although it should bloom for about 6-7 months, this signals the separation of the couple in whose house it grows.

According to signs, Chinese rose helps women become more attractive if you place the pot near the mirror so that it is reflected in it with the hostess when she tidies up.

It also allows you to strengthen the body and get rid of chronic diseases. To do this, you need to gather the petals, dry them, and then add to tea.

In order not to worry if the Chinese rose suddenly begins to shed its leaves and wither, you should take good care of it, maintaining the temperature in the house at about 25 degrees, constantly spraying it with water.

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