Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) signs and superstitions

Christmas Cactus (aka Zygocactus, Varvara’s Bloom, Schlumbergera) is a very interesting and beautiful plant from the genus of epiphytic cacti, which usually blooms in the winter season. However, not everyone will decide to keep it at home, and especially superstitious and dubious people. What is so terrible about it? It turns out that signs and superstitions about the Christmas Cactus flower are mostly negative. Let's see if this is true and whether it is worth believing the frightening legends. Perhaps this is just a fantasy that has nothing to do with reality?

Ancient beliefs about Schlumbergera

First, you should turn to the old signs and superstitions about the Christmas Cactus, since they are the most scary. In the old days, it was believed that this plant can predict the death of one of the household members. A plant that suddenly dries and dies seems to give a sign that a funeral will take place in the house soon.

According to legend, the fading Schlumbergera takes one of the family members with it to heaven. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that death will occur from an illness: the risk of an accident or other premature death is high. Therefore, the fear of this plant is quite understandable: who wants to know in advance about their own death or farewell to a loved one?

Scaring men away

A more modern belief about Christmas Cactus cannot be called pleasant either. In the people, this flower is called “scaring men away”. There is an opinion that a woman in whose house a Schlumbergera grows up will never be able to find personal happiness, since the energy of a flower will scare men away from her.

And if the plant was brought to the house of a couple in love or a married couple, very soon the man will leave the woman, because the flower will “drive” him out of the house. It is no longer possible to find the roots of this sign, but since someone once said about it, the superstition must have appeared for a reason.

Good beliefs about Christmas Cactus

Are there any good signs about Schlumbergera? It turns out, there are! So, for example, it is believed that Zygocactus is able to identify enemies and ill-wishers. When a flower suddenly starts to get sick or dry, it is recommended to remember which of the people you know came to visit you recently. Of course, it is not at all necessary that this person planned to harm you - perhaps he simply envied or did not approve of some of your actions, deeds. There is another option - the guest himself has an evil eye or damage, so bad energy has such a negative impact on the home plant.

In general, having such a flower at home, it is worth watching those around you who are visiting you. If, during the arrival of the same person, the Christmas Cactus seems to wither, something is clearly wrong with this person. If even after the departure of a suspicious guest the plant does not want to recover in any way, most likely, someone from the household has negative thoughts or a family member himself was subjected to magical influence. Perhaps it makes sense to diagnose the negative on Tarot cards or runes in order to react in time and help a loved one get rid of the magical influence.

Beliefs about blooming of Christmas Cactus

And now let's look at the signs about the Christmas Cactus flower when it blooms. The traditional time for the flowering of the plant is the first month of winter, and it is not without reason that the flower received such a name. If the inflorescences on Zygocactus appeared on time, in December, next year will be very successful for all household members. It is believed that it will bring peace, harmony, financial well-being, and health to the family. Flowering during the New Year holidays is interpreted similarly.

If the flowers appeared much earlier or vice versa, later than the “correct” time, the next year will be very unsuccessful, some problems with finances, health, and work are coming. Too early flowering - this means autumn, too late - February, March. The blooming of Schlumberger in April is generally considered a very bad omen, symbolizing the imminent onset of the black stripe. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the cases of Schlumbergera flowering in the summer.

If the plant did not bloom at all, it means that the atmosphere in the family is tense, heavy, and there is too much negative energy in the house. In order to get rid of this, you need to work on relationships between households and clean the runes from the negativity of all people living under the same roof, as well as the premises itself.

Can you keep Schlumbergera at home?

So what's the bottom line? Is it possible to keep a Christmas Cactus at home? The signs listed above may sound very frightening, but if you are not a superstitious person, and consider the stories about the prediction of death and the “expulsion of men” just silly legends, then you can start a flower at home. If you are afraid, it is better to plant a Christmas Cactus in the workplace. It is believed that, growing in non-residential premises, the plant loses its ability to predict trouble, therefore it will become just a decoration of the workplace - and nothing more.

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