Feng Shui symbols and their meaning

The ancient Chinese teaching, created by the Taoist sages, gives magical significance to ordinary things. Talismans chosen in accordance with all the rules of Feng Shui can bring great benefits, providing a person with good luck in all endeavors and stable material well-being. To choose an attribute correctly, you should study the Feng Shui symbols and their meaning thoroughly. If you use the talismans incorrectly, you can get the exact opposite of the expected result.

For example, one of the basic Feng Shui rules says that there should not be a lot of amulets at home. It is important to choose amulets or charms that can really help in achieving your goal. By putting the positive life energy of Qi to work for you, you can improve the quality of your life significantly, achieving success, wealth, high status, or other worldly benefits that people usually dream of.

Feng Shui amulets and their meaning

The ancient Taoist worldview system allows a person to find his place under the sun and achieve harmony with the Universe using simple talismans. But in order for them to work, you should clear the space of your home from unnecessary, old or broken things, allowing the Qi energy to circulate freely around the apartment, doing its good deed.

Feng Shui figurines

There is a whole series of figurines that can fill the house in which they settle with goodness, prosperity, and mutual understanding. You should study Feng Shui figurines and their meaning before placing them in your apartment. It is important to choose the right place for the mascot. Otherwise, instead of the expected wealth or family happiness, you can get a completely unexpected situation: a conflict, financial loss, or even illness of one of the family members.


Many Feng Shui figurines are used to attract abundance, material wealth and good luck into your life. One of the most popular is the goddess Lakshmi. She looks attractive: she is a young, dazzlingly beautiful girl with two, four, and sometimes even eight arms.

Strictly speaking, Lakshmi comes from India, this goddess is a symbol of beauty, wisdom and love. However, Feng Shui is a flexible philosophy. The masters of this teaching do not consider it a mistake to use any positive images taken from another culture.

Hindus dedicate the fourth to the sixth day of the celebration of Navaratri (New Year's holiday) to this deity. And Diwali (the festival of a thousand lights, personifying the victory of good over evil) is completely dedicated to the divine girl with a lot of hands. The symbol of the holiday is the eight-pointed star Lakshmi with a halo. During Sharad Purnima, which is celebrated on the full moon after the end of the rainy season, people thank the goddess for the harvest.

You can achieve the favor of a multi-armed girl by installing her figurine at home. According to Feng Shui, Lakshmi figurine can be put in the hallway, bedroom or office. It should not be placed in work areas such as the kitchen. For wealth, choose the southeast direction; to travel a lot or have faithful helpers – choose the northwestern sector. In a word, think in what area of ​​life you would like to succeed, and then settle the goddess in the appropriate area of ​​the dwelling.

    Next to the goddess there may be some additional items that have their own symbolism:
  • the lotus held by the deity symbolizes the worlds, the development of which corresponds to the level of openness of the petals;
  • fruits signify the results of righteous labors;
  • coconut implies three levels of creation - gross, causal and subtle;
  • a vessel with ambrosia is a symbol of immortality and eternal bliss

You can attract divine love and favor with the help of meditation, while reading a variety of mantras and repeating each at least three times. To enhance the effect, there should be a bill between the person and Lakshmi. After reading the mantra, you should blow on it three times, charging it with positive energy. You can't spend this money.

You can burn incense with the smell of a lotus or other flowers near the figurine of Lakshmi. It is desirable to put large flowers nearby, constantly replacing withering stems with fresh ones. The room must be kept perfectly clean. The figurine can be placed on an altar covered with gold-painted cloth or decorated with gold and precious/semi-precious stones.

It should be borne in mind that Lakshmi will not help achieve prosperity to cruel people who do bad deeds, who do not keep their promises, and often quarrel with their families.


The figure of the laughing Buddha is designed to bring its owner not only happiness or material well-being, but also unrestrained fun. According to Feng Shui, Hotei helps people achieve success in any business, for example, in love or business. A god with a bag will bring good luck to all family members, filling the home with positive Qi energy and getting rid of negative Shi.

    Having installed a figure of a pot-bellied bald man with a huge bag behind his back on the desk, it should be borne in mind that Hotei sometimes holds various objects in his hands, the meaning of which slightly changes the symbolism of the figurine:
  • pearls - spiritual or material wealth
  • peach - a long life
  • rosary - the search for the meaning of life, special knowledge
  • fan - overcoming life's obstacles
  • rocker - gaining sudden wealth, financial luck
  • pumpkin - establishing family relationships, childbearing

It is advisable to choose a white or golden figurine. And in order to launch the abundance program, you should rub Hotei on the stomach forty times, thinking at that moment only about material wealth.


Many feng shui figurines are designed to save a person from the constant problem of lack of money. The angel, although primarily a spiritual symbol, is no exception in this regard. Such a gift, made of porcelain and presented to your loved ones, turns into an amulet with unusually strong energy.

According to Feng Shui, it is better to place the Angel in the northwestern part of the house. So the owners will be regularly fed with inspiration and strength. It is especially useful for Aquarius to get a creature with wings. People born in February can freely turn to the talisman with any requests. It is desirable for summer residents to acquire a garden sculpture depicting a winged man. Put such a figurine on your site to increase productivity.

People who get married receive one guardian angel for two from God during the wedding, a porcelain or glass figurine of which is a must-have in the house.


Shri Ganesha is the god of strength and wisdom, the patron of scientists, merchants, and travelers. He is depicted as a man with an elephant head. The talisman of Ganesha will help you succeed in any endeavor, removing all obstacles on the way to the goal. An Indian deity will be needed for a good study, career advancement at work, will bring good luck in trade or business, will protect on a journey and will give a surge of strength and new ideas in creativity.

A man with an elephant's head and a broken tusk is able to fulfill any desire if you pronounce it, rubbing the deity on his trunk, stroking his stomach or right palm.

    Feng Shui determines the following meaning for objects in the hands of Ganesha:
  • bowl - enjoying life
  • hook - curbing passions and controlling momentary desires
  • lotus - purity of thoughts, clarity of thinking
  • rosary - achievement of spiritual heights
  • ropes - a fulfilled desire to achieve high life goals
  • a snake around the waist - a symbol of energy and great knowledge

To appease the deity, offerings must always be at his feet: sweets, dried fruits, coins. There should be corn or wheat grains, nuts near the figurine with the mouse. Seeing respect from the supplicant, Ganesha will definitely not ignore his requests. To enhance the effect, you should keep the talisman in the dining room, living room or other room where the whole family gathers regularly.

The larger the figure, the faster you will succeed. But make sure that there are no chips or cracks on the surface of the figurine, otherwise your life will be filled with troubles: damaged objects, even if they are powerful talismans, generate negative energy.

Feng Shui souvenirs

Now let's talk about other magical symbols, namely, figurines that represent inanimate objects. Feng Shui imposes rather severe requirements to the choice of such amulets and talismans, which should be impeccably fulfilled. Then joy and love will settle in your house, and life will be filled with prosperity and wealth.


Water, in the view of the ancient Chinese, has great power and the ability to attract wealth with success, as well as purify the surrounding space. If you need to pacify the energy (after all, an overabundance can be just as harmful as a lack), a waterfall with flowing water will do. And if you have a need to activate energy flows, then you should stock up on a fountain with a jet beating up.

According to Feng Shui, it is desirable to place a fountain in places where energy stagnates, for example, not far from the front door, always on the left. You can use the living room for this purpose. You can not install it in the bedroom or in the kitchen. The south side is also not suitable for the energy of Water, as it is given over to the elements of Fire. It is better to choose the north side. This way you can make significant progress in your career. If you move to the east, family relations will improve. The southeast will help increase the fortune.

The sound of murmuring water has a calming effect on those around you. Water is able to bring good luck and prosperity to the house. The circulating water flow is able to attract Qi energy. It is desirable that it functions as much as possible - from early morning until late evening. At the same time, you should monitor the purity of the water, replacing it regularly. At the bottom, you can add another talisman that attracts money and success, for example, a toad holding a coin in its mouth.


On the one hand, according to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese associated the bridge with financial well-being, since it is always located in close proximity to water. And the two halves of the structure lead to mutual understanding and connection.

But there is an opinion that such a structure is a symbol of the transition to the other world. So a souvenir of this kind should be handled very carefully. Moreover, you should not install a lifted bridge in the house.


A variety of Feng Shui vases are talismans with great potential. In order for this attribute to bring prosperity to its owner, one should choose a bronze, crystal, stone, metal or ceramic vase. But in any case, not a glass, and even more so not a plastic vase.

The shape of the bowl is important. It should be round, squat, widening at the bottom. Kind of like a pumpkin with the top cut off. The width of the neck should not exceed the size of the middle. A special symbolism is encrypted here: wealth will easily enter such a vase, but they will not be able to get back.

Having acquired a vase of abundance, it should be filled according to all the rules of ancient Taoist science. Each of the items must carry a certain positive charge of Qi. At the same time, the craftsman creating the amulet should not pursue selfish intentions, otherwise nothing will work. That is, it is simply impossible to make an effective amulet in the form of a bowl or vase for sale. Only a talisman presented from pure heart has a magical effect.

    The bowl should be filled with the following items, which can be combined in any order:
  • a sprig of a plant taken from the estate of a successful person, always with his permission
  • nine coins tied together and fastened with a double knot of luck
  • 988 - the amount of money that attracts material well-being: for example, 9 Dollars and 88 cents
  • cutouts from glossy magazines, photos of six rich and respected people
  • pictures of a big beautiful house that you dream of
  • current (not old) currency from nine countries
  • a bill taken from the hands of a successful person (you can ask him to change money)
  • semi-precious stones or jewelry with them
  • at least one small piece of gold
  • infinity symbol in the form of a mystical knot
  • three coins tied with a gold or red ribbon
  • paired figures of elephants, horses, fish or birds (to attract love)
  • glass or ceramic lotus flower
  • image of the god Hotei
  • porcelain vase (drawing or tiny model)
  • clear sky image
  • five grains: red lentils, yellow millet, white rice, black beans, green peas (the grains themselves may be different, but the colors should only be kept in that order)
  • crystals of white, blue, green, red, yellow colors
  • unchangeable coin
  • expensive sweets that need to be changed from time to time (you can eat sweets taken out of a vase if they are not spoiled)

For wealth to come into the house, you should fill the vase to the brim. The vase should be filled with the listed items in order to create an impression of abundance when looking at it: the Universe reads a person’s emotions and sends him exactly what he thinks about most often.

Choose a place in the southeastern part of the apartment for the bowl of wealth, preferably in the bedroom. The eyes of the owners should constantly stumble upon the talisman, and it is not advisable for outsiders to see it. Financial success will visit the family soon after collecting and installing this attribute.


According to Feng Shui, a tree that attracts financial energy to the house must be placed on the work desk. It is desirable that it be a crassula (money tree), the leaves of which resemble coins in appearance. If the plant blooms, it means that soon the owner will be able to achieve quick and stunning success in business.

The flowerpot cannot be placed in the corridor. It must be with family members. The presence of a crassula in any room stimulates people to fruitful work, activating financial flows. The offshoot should be taken in a rich house or bought in a store and grown on your own in order to charge it with personal energy.

Crassula, geranium, dracaena or lemon can be used as a money tree. In this case, be sure to bury three coins under the roots of the green assistant.

If it is impossible to have a living plant, it is allowed to replace the amulet with an artificial souvenir, decorating its branches with coins. It is desirable that the leaves of the money tree be made of semi-precious stones. They will bring the positive energy of Qi into the home, getting rid of the negative Sha.


One of the most mystical and powerful geometric figures - the pyramid - Feng Shui also did not ignore it. This figurine collects positive energy from the surrounding space, while protecting your home or office from various kinds of negativity. It is able to reveal the hidden possibilities of a person and help achieve the goal. By accumulating the energy of the sun, such a geometric shape is able to attract money to a person, heal from illness, and help find happiness. You can give everyone you wish well a souvenir in the shape of a pyramid.


The feng shui windmill is used to make wishes come true. In order for the cherished dream to come true, you should draw a picture with a mill, while working constantly thinking about what you want. You can purchase a figurine and charge it with positive. To do this, take it in your hands more often, stroke it, thank it and think about what you would like to achieve. At the same time, imagine such mental pictures as if you already got what you want.


In many Asian cultures, a flower on water is a sacred symbol. According to Feng Shui, the lotus is able to strengthen and preserve the happiness already achieved by a person from troubles. That is, this talisman can protect your business project from the intrigues of competitors or will protect married life from betrayal, quarrels and fading of feelings.

To attract success in business, a souvenir should be placed in the center of the house. To make luck smile at you, you should place a lotus in the southwestern part of the apartment. It is desirable that the lotus be made in the form of crystals.

Using Feng Shui talismans and their meaning exactly with the ancient rules of the Taoist sages, you will be able to activate the zones responsible for attracting success and money, love and marriage, popularity and respect in society. However, even having achieved the desired, you can not let things take their course. Laziness is stagnation, and the life-giving energy Qi does not tolerate lack of movement. In addition, it should be borne in mind that Taoist teachings will not help people with dark thoughts to get rich. This ancient magic of harmony works only if a person strives for goodness and justice.

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