How Time To Yourself Makes Your Life Better.

Spending time on your own is a good way to relax, deal with stress, and understand yourself better.

We are almost constantly surrounded by people: our colleagues, family, friends, casual acquaintances, doctors, teachers. There is little time left to relax and do something enjoyable or interesting. But it's worth fixing this situation.

Why do you have to spend time by yourself?

1. It helps fight stress.

This was reported by participants in a small study conducted at Shawnee University (USA). They were asked how they felt about solitude and how much it helps or hinders them in life.

The respondents were unanimous: they noted that loneliness is important. It not only helps relieve stress, but also gives you the opportunity to better understand yourself, solve problems more effectively, and be more productive.

And psychologists remind that a lack of time for yourself can be dangerous.

A quote from an article in Psychology Today: “People who don't spend enough time alone experience more stress and frustration. On average, they feel more depressed than those who have enough privacy.

We are very different, so it is important to find your balance between communication and silence. This balance will make us healthier and happier.”

2. It makes us more creative.

Researchers from the University of Buffalo in the United States surveyed 295 students and found an interesting pattern. If a person is left alone with himself forcibly, without much desire, it is more difficult for him to be creative, to come up with new things, to generate ideas. And vice versa: for those who love loneliness, it helps being more creative.

In general, psychologists often say that creativity and solitude are closely related. When we are alone with ourselves, we have the opportunity to get a bit bored, wander through the labyrinths of our minds, and this helps new ideas to be born and approach problem solving in a more creative way.

3. Being on your own helps recuperate.

Communication is tiresome. Relaxing alone is perhaps the best way to recharge and reboot. And this is true for both extroverts and introverts.

After a survey of 18 thousand respondents, it turned out that solitude in one form or another helps restore strength. For example, reading or playing with pets seems more relaxing to people than talking to loved ones.

4. It gives room for introspection.

Solitude helps you get to know yourself better. Regularly spending time alone with oneself, a person can isolate himself from the influence of society; immerse himself in his thoughts and feelings.

It also allows you to reflect on recent events, take a fresh look at difficult situations and come up with interesting solutions.

5. It helps people become more empathic.

Again, this is due to the fact that a person who has time for introspection and a calm detached assessment of the motives of other people understands other people's emotions better than someone who does not have time to step aside and think properly.

There are even studies that say that single people are in many ways more empathic than those who prefer to be in society all the time.

How to spend time alone with yourself?

Loneliness is so difficult for many people that even pleasant things become a burden if there is no company.

Yes, at first it can be strange and uncomfortable. But try to treat this not as torture, but as an opportunity to get to know yourself better, gain strength and fresh ideas.

Here's what psychosocial rehabilitation specialist Kendra Cherry recommends.

1. Stay on your own regularly.

Nobody will tell you the exact time, but even 15-30 minutes every day is not bad.

2. Plan your rest.

Think about what gives you pleasure and relaxation, and add such things to your planner.

    It can be:
  • Going to a cafe, to the cinema or to a play.
  • Walks outdoors. They help prioritize and arrange one’s thoughts.
  • Journey. At least to a neighboring city or even a district.
  • Visiting a museum.
  • Drawing, coloring, needlework.
  • Warm salt bath, face mask, body wrap and other amenities.

3. Get rid of distractions.

Try not to use social media and do not scroll through the news if you feel that it does not help you rest and relax properly. In addition, put your phone and all chats, except for the most necessary ones, on silent mode, turn on a cartoon for the children and ask your loved ones not to bother you.

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