How Can A Woman Look Younger? Useful Beauty Tips In 2021.

The numbers in one’s passport are one thing, but it is quite another issue how the person feels, and how this perception manifests itself externally, of course. And very often these indicators differ. What if the years are running forward inexorably and you really want to prolong the pleasure called "life"? What can a woman do in order to look younger?

A comprehensive solution to the problem will be the lifebuoy. In this article you will find recommendations from a nutritionist, beautician, stylist, and fitness trainer.

Making the time stop.

You can stop time. And even reverse it. Your hair, hands and skin can look younger without the need to resort to plastic surgeons, visit luxury beauty salons, or spend money on expensive creams.

But really, all you need to know about looking younger than your age is to study your habits and replace some of them with simple anti-aging tips. Here are several tricks to make you look younger.

Apply sunscreen daily. Dermatologists keep reminding you that sunscreen needs to be applied daily to look younger. According to years of research, people who use sunscreen regularly age at a much slower rate than people who only wear sunscreen from time to time.

SPF 30 is the gold standard in dermatology. Apply it every day and do not skimp. Most of us use only a quarter of the amount we need. Cover your face with a thick layer of sunscreen daily.

Reduce "doses" of powder. This is especially true for compact powder. Of course, at the first moment it smoothes the face, but the longer the powder lies on your skin, the more it clogs into wrinkles. This makes them more visible and therefore makes you look older.

Better use bb cream and concealer to hide local problems. And use powder only for oily areas, if any, and it should be only loose powder.

Use a self-tanner. A tanned face is always beautiful and "even". Not to mention the fact that self-tanning will hide many of the age spots that often appear on the skin after 30 years.

And if you use powder (which is not the best option), then use the one with a "bronze" effect, and not abundantly - apply it only on the forehead, nose and cheeks. And you should apply it not with a sponge attached to the powder box, but with a large brush or puff.

Use hand cream. The skin on the back of the palms is very thin. And this makes it prone to premature aging. Dry air robs your skin of moisture, making your hands look even older than your actual age.

What is the way out then? Use hand cream regularly. It is better if it is also sunscreen, because the sun's rays contribute to the appearance of age spots and wrinkles on the skin - and this is one of the main age signs.

Avoid foods that stain your teeth. Healthy white teeth are the first sign of youth. Dark, spicy, sticky foods like barbecue sauce or soy sauce are the main culprit in tooth staining. Red wine, coffee and cola also stain and ruin your teeth.

Meanwhile, "saving" teeth can be not only simple, but also delicious. Instead of barbecue sauce, season chicken breast with mango salsa or aromatic herbs. Avoid cola in favor of plain mineral water.

And, very importantly, few people know that green tea stains teeth even more than some black teas.

Avoid bright colors in your makeup. Some colors make us look more solid and only accentuate wrinkles. So give up the bright make-up in favor of natural shades.

First of all, these are such as beige, transparent gloss, black mascara. Please, do not make screaming blue eyes and bright pink lips.

To look young, you need to be healthy, which means that it is important not just to "cover up" wrinkles, but to eat right, play sports, get enough sleep and smile.

Use hair warmers less often. A woman with shiny and voluminous hair will certainly look younger. But hair can become dull, lose volume and - therefore - make you look older due to the use of curling irons, strengtheners and hair dryers.

To avoid this, let your hair rest. Do not use any heating appliance two days a week. Let your hair dry on its own or don't wash your hair at all that day. Use dry shampoo if necessary. This simple trick will actually make you look younger.

Paint your nails. Your real age is most often given not by your face, but by your hands. You can mislead others into thinking that you are much younger ... just by painting your nails. Along with jewelry, painted nails distract the other person's attention from your imperfections.

Give preference to bright but glossy nail polish.

Exercise regularly. Exercise improves blood circulation, which allows the skin to look its best and reduces bags under the eyes. In addition, healthy physical activity slows down skin aging. Anyway, when you are in good physical shape, you, of course, look younger.

Consider this an additional reason for your daily half hour workout. Make it a habit!

Limit salt intake. Salt retains water in the body. Because of this, swelling appears, especially under the eyes (signs of aging). Excessive salt intake can make a person look swollen.

Think about how much salt you actually consume, as salt is hidden everywhere - in breads, sauces and seasonings, deli meats and even sweet baked goods.

Control your smartphone addiction. When you send messages and browse Facebook, you constantly tilt your head - this causes ugly wrinkles on your neck. Unsurprisingly, repeated movement will inevitably leave marks on your body.

Think about where you post your messages most often. In the office? On the sofa? Hang pictures of your loved ones in these places at eye level so that you can straighten up and look at them more often.

Use mouthwash daily. If using mouthwash has become a habit, you are on the right track. Dental elixirs kill bacteria, remove food remains and cleanse your gums. The result is clean white teeth and healthy gums.

Eat More Protein-Rich Foods. Proteins are the building blocks of our body. If you want to have healthy hair, nails, skin, you need to provide the body with building materials. And for this, your daily diet should contain a sufficient amount of protein foods.

Women are advised to consume about 46 grams of protein per day.

Pregnant, lactating and female athletes need even more.

Note: A serving of salmon contains 22 grams of protein, and a glass of skim milk contains 8 grams.

Be careful with wet hair. If you have stopped using heating appliances and increased your protein intake, but your hair is still dull and lifeless, it may be due to improper handling of wet hair. Hair is especially vulnerable when wet. Brushing wet hair can cause breakage and split ends.

Never comb wet hair. The most that can be done is to gently go through the hair with a rare comb with blunt teeth.

Eat plenty of greens. Greens are a natural toothbrush. Fiber-rich vegetables like spinach, lettuce and broccoli cleanse your teeth naturally. They prevent plaque build-up (although this does not eliminate the need to brush your teeth twice a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste).

In addition, people who eat dark green leafy vegetables regularly have a healthier complexion. Remember, vegetables should fill half of your plate.

Stress control. Stress affects not only your inner state, but also your appearance. It provokes an inflammatory process in the skin and aggravates phenomena such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Social support is important in limiting stress; people need meeting friends often, learning a few relaxation techniques, or keeping a journal, for example.

Get enough sleep. During sleep, the body produces more estrogen and progesterone. These substances are part of the skin's regeneration mechanism. This is why your skin looks fresher in the morning.

And these same hormones prevent acne breakouts.

Don't stay up late in front of the TV or working, come up with some kind of evening ritual that will help you fall asleep faster. For example, drink a mug of warm milk with honey before bed.

Clothes that make you look younger.

The right jeans. These are the jeans that sit at the waist (not lower). This fit will help hide all the dangerous spots and accentuate your waist. The trousers should not fit the leg, and it is advisable to bypass the oversize. Let it be a win-win straight fit.

White sneakers. We can wear them with pantsuits, jeans and even dresses. Don't be afraid of them. The stylists assure you: nothing is as young as white sneakers.

White shirt. It suits for almost all the occasions: for a party, for a visit, for a concert, for the office. A white shirt is a bare canvas on which you can paint any painting. Earrings, hats, jeans, skirts will help you. In addition, a white shirt is great for refreshing the complexion. And this is an invaluable investment - it never gets old. The stylists recommend not taking a super-topical oversize from a man's shoulder, but a classic shirt with a straight cut.

Up-to-date jewelry. If you don't know where to start a new wardrobe, start with accessories. You should avoid too much "embellishment" in terms of jewelry. Here works the rule “The simpler the better”. And most importantly, remember that five pairs of up-to-date jewelry are better than one pair of outdated precious metals.

A bag. The entire wardrobe can be built in basic win-win combinations. But let the bag be trendy. We really love the bags in the mass market - they come off right on the design of the bags. But if you don't have a goal of saving money, you should get a cool, expensive bag. It will enhance the "class" of the entire wardrobe.

Colors and materials.

Use pastel noble shades: milky, beige, blue, lavender. Soft soothing tones will refresh the whole image, help a woman look younger, while rich and deep tones, on the contrary, will accentuate redness and bruises.

Total-look. Dressing in the same color scheme from head to toe, you can visually stretch the silhouette and add a couple of centimeters to your height. In addition, the image, collected in monochrome tones, slims perfectly. Various textures will help you add gloss: leather, reptile, knitting, silk.

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