Cold shower: scientifically proven benefits.

Is cold shower really good for your health? As we were children, our mothers sometimes made us pour cold water over us. Thus, they tried to temper us in order to avoid diseases and only benefit the growing body. However, having become adults, we are in no hurry to remember this tradition, but in vain. Why is a cold shower useful?


Our immune system is getting stronger from cool shower. The fact is that cool water activates white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting viruses and colds and speeding up metabolism.

Blood circulation

A cold shower is a great way to disperse blood and improve circulation.


Moreover, fertility increases in both men and women. It should be noted that the number of viable sperm in men who prefer a cold shower increases 5 times.


When people take cold shower, in men the testosterone production increases. And this hormone is vital for them. Why not then resort to water treatments instead of pills?

Excess weight

If you want to lose weight - take a cold shower! In cold conditions, brown fat is activated and decomposed in order to provide the body with warmth and energy.

Hair and skin

Cold washes keep the skin beautiful and clean, and cool water does not wash off the essential oils from the hair. Remember how we were previously advised to rinse our hair with cool water for the sake of shine after washing our hair?


Just imagine such a procedure right after waking up! Here you don't even need coffee, without it you will wake up in a moment. And also cold shower will help you speed up blood circulation and activate the brain.


When you take a cold shower glutathione increases and uric acid decreases. Together, these processes calm the nerves perfectly. In addition, such relaxation exercises will work great in life: you will learn to be more rational in solving problems.

Strength of will

Sure thing! Just imagine how you will now constantly drive yourself under cold water. Such willpower is needed. And similar lessons will come in handy in life.


With such an unusual start to the day, you have to breathe deeper. The energy received from this process is enough for the whole day.


First, cool water treatments in the evening help you fall asleep faster. Secondly, they improve the sleep itself.


You will not have it! After a cold shower, the area in the brain where nor epinephrine is produced is activated. And it is an excellent assistant in the fight against depression.

Muscle recovery

Do you know why professional athletes take ice baths so often? Because in this way muscles are perfectly restored. Well, if you work out in the gym, you can feel the great effect from the shower on yourself.

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